Thursday, 16 June 2011


SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
Question : Are we truly good stewards of this Earth ?
Sub-Set : Is warfare our natural way of ensuring a long-lasting resource base ?
In our Gaia-Watts' SVS-IHHI world on Earth, we constantly seeking to create practises and technologies of survival in an affordable and good stewardship way. P1-Factor is a proven avenue of choice since before 1923. As SQYX, Ambassador Goodwin synchronizes resource developments with environmental and economic stewardship mandates. Medical Tourism is the primary focus of the IMH international mission.
By traditional and historical cultural methods of consumption and migration, we continue to evolve to understand how we may enjoy the abundances of Earth; while still maintaining our curiosities in how far we can stretch capacities of renewability and availability.
We practise war as a tool of conservation. It is our genuine belief that our social structures will continue to improve through unfolding knowledge and control of resources - and, that equal opportunity of access to nutrition and structural resources is a naive concept; overwhelmingly countermanded by the reality of traditional gluttony.
IFR - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ -Mwe
Gaia-Watt's commitment toward immigration a of skilled trades and services into Canada1 over the next two decades is 20 million people. {note Canada Immigration Minister Kenny's March 2012 comments}. We are an EARTH TRUST enterprise indigenous via STT  TRUST.We are a great country, with massive resources b - and, a hospitable attitude.

With the existing advent of population demise through ageing over this 2007 - 2027 period, it is incumbent upon Canada to secure a solid new immigrant population to offset the predicted loss of so many skilled people.

And, we are forward-thinkers, who recognize the extreme climate change impacts that are currently unfolding across our Earth. Canada will become a safer haven for many populations that will be forced to migrate. Reducing the Carbon Footprint is imperative.

This requires extreme engineering responses 2. Our Survival Villages Systems {SVS-IHHI} 3 projects are predicated upon mutual environmental and social responsibilities. And, hence, Gaia-Watts, has set up its CO2 / CH4 CERS (see CA/USA) / CAP, LUCF Brokerage & Exchange.

The secondment of this new population base through improved and accelerated immigration over these next two decades is highly supported and recognized throughout Canada's business sectors.