The financial Gaia-Watts' Mission is merely to create the influx of 20-million new citzens into Canada during 2013 - 2033. This agenda was set in 1990 as the essential ingredient to preserving the growth capacity of the GDP in light of the adverse impact to unfold due to the demise of the aging population base (circa 20+% : 6-million). Utilizing the traditional Canadian immigration investment programs; Gaia-Watts fashioned the SVS-IHHI Matrix as the tool, through which to provide a vibrant new capitalization pool [20-million new citizens would bring skills; and, create a new capital pool of USD$350,000 EACH].
Excel Template Year ONE

The Gaia-Watts' SVS-IHHI platform evolved through more than fifty arduous years of editing extreme climate change data; in conjunction with assessing the evolutionary role of global finance as the leading impetus to the development of new technologies.

The historical industrial-commercial complex success formula is simple in design; and, complex in execution
  1. Create strife - which will require capital to achieve dominance
  2. Dominate natural resource development
  3. Ensure poverty as the fulcrum for affordable labour source
  4. Constantly re-invent the "wheel" - ensure a continuum of redundancy; and,
  5. Preserve the hierarchical administrative matrix
  6. Morality is irrelevant
Is the world truly this malevolent ? Are we devoid of an ethical morality ? Is the fundamental characteristic of our social order only coloured by greed ?

5o years ago we began a journey to provide guidance and management for the development of Survival Village Systems-International Holistic Healing Institutes. These templates were conceived through our R&D Centre; which assessed the collected data on Environmental Impact Assessments for Green Energy projects. And, from this evaluation of extreme climate change, our Central Planning Governors determined that Earth's populations would only survive this 21st century by establishing self-sustaining habitats.

Therefore, as with all enterprises, there is the critical matter of acceptable capital ... Avoiding the entrapment of dark partners is fundamental.